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Consignment- Jill G. Clark

Ukrainian Eggs by Jill G. Clark

Ukrainian Eggs by Jill G. Clark

Assorted Designs, you will receive one of Jill's stellar Ukrainian Eggs when ordering.

If you would like to specify please email us at or call us at (719) 430-4375.

Ukrainian Eggs (Pysanky) are created using beeswax and dye relief processed in layers. Ukrainian Egg decoration has been handed down through generations. They are famous the world over for their colorful designs. As far back as 2000BC people decorated eggs believing that great powers were embodied in the eggs. Eggs symbolize the release of the earth from the shackles of winter and the coming of spring with its promise of new hope, new life, and prosperity. Ledger has it that as long as Pysanky are created, goodness will prevail over evil throughout the world. 

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