Puzzlers Club Subscription

 Want to Jig it Up?!?!

Join our Puzzlers Club Subscription

* Unlimited puzzle swap out with in store Membership
* $30 Yearly Membership Fee
* You can always donate unwanted puzzles to the puzzlers club. *subject to approval*
* Must be apart of Puzzlers Club to donate puzzles and receive store credit.
* We reserve the right to decline donations of puzzles based on condition, repeated puzzles, or amount of puzzles donated.

Rules and Regulations

- Check Out Time: 30 Days per Puzzle
- Must Show Membership Card for Puzzle Check Out 
- Available In Store Only
-Excluding new or unopened for-sale puzzles
- If puzzle membership card is lost it can be replaced
- Failure to return Puzzle or extreme damage to puzzle will result in a membership revoke.