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Oddly Enough Books

Oddly Enough Books- Tiny Bakes by Jennifer Ziemons

Oddly Enough Books- Tiny Bakes by Jennifer Ziemons

Explore the world of miniature baking with cakes, cookies, and pies as eye-catching as they are delicious.

Whether you’ve seen them on TikTok and Instagram or in real life at a party,
there’s no denying the appeal of bite-size cakes and other assorted baked goods. Now, Tiny Bakes offers all the techniques and tips you need to start creating your own super cute food.

only a few specialty items and an accurate kitchen scale, you’ll be able to make all of the recipes in this book. The easy-to-follow instructions include step photos whenever there’s a tricky bit. You’ll find chapters and recipes including: 
  • Cupcakes and Cake Pops: Monster-shaped cupcakes, camp-inspired bonfire cupcakes, unicorn cupcakes, ice cream cone cake pops, buzzy bee cake pops, and adorable octopus cake pops
  • Cakes: 3-tier celebration cake, rainbow cheesecake, decadent red velvet cake, and fun confetti-style birthday cake
  • Cookies: A variety of flavors including classics as well as rainbow and chocolate-mint; and cute themed cookies like little hamburger-shaped and mushroom-shaped delights
  • Pies: From apple and pumpkin to strawberry, lemon meringue—even one that looks like an owl! 
  • Other Baked Goods: Peanut butter and crispy rice bars, classic (but tiny!) brownies, homemade chocolate sandwich cookies, salted caramel bars, and chocolate-hazelnut pastry puffs

delightful photos that share propping ideas, you’ll be showing off your baked goods in style. Join the miniature food craze with these fun and delicious creations! 
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