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Oddly Enough Books- The Vegan Artist Plant- Based is Easy by Catherine March

Oddly Enough Books- The Vegan Artist Plant- Based is Easy by Catherine March

"This book is as helpful as it is beautiful. It is super practical, educational and empowering.
I highly recommend it"
Dr. Neal Barnard, MD
Director of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Washington, DC

Cooking plant based is easy!
The Vegan Artist will show you how.

You’ve been watching the movies, reading the books and articles. You are ready to try this plant-based eating thing, what?

Buy this book to learn how. Beautifully visual with photos and illustrations to make creating vegan food easy.
This book will teach you……
How to begin a plant-based lifestyle.
How to deal with roadblocks impeding healthy food choices.
Basic vegan cooking techniques to make staying plant-based easy.
How to easily navigate restaurants, parties, potlucks and vacations.
Great recipes to feed to your non-vegan friends and family members that will have them begging for more.

Even if you are not yet ready to completely dive into the plant-based lifestyle, but you still want to add healthy, nutrient-dense foods to your menu, this book is for you. Vegan cooking is like learning a new cuisine. There are new ingredients, skills and cooking methods that may seem daunting at first. This book guides you through the process and teaches you to be a competent vegan chef.
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