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Consignment- L.L. Lincoln

L.L Lincoln- The First Meow Graphic Novel

L.L Lincoln- The First Meow Graphic Novel

See how cats and humans met for the first time over 9,000 years ago in this folktale thriller inspired by true events!

After mysterious thieves steal a farming village’s planting seeds, a young girl named Shala volunteers to find the thieves and get the seeds back. While tracking the thieves through a darkened forest, Shala becomes lost and frightened. When all hope seems lost, a wild cat approaches Shala and proposes a deal: the cat will guide Shala through the forest, and in return, Shala will allow the cat to live in her village. Shala agrees, but when she discovers the thieves’ hideout, her cat companion bids her farewell. Is this the last Shala will see of her new friend? Will Shala have the courage to face the mysterious thieves alone and save her people, or will the task prove too much for her? Find out in The First Meow!

Local Colorado Author!

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