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Consignment- Loveday Ferries

Haunted House Hunt

Haunted House Hunt

How far would you go to find the perfect home in a hot market like Colorado Springs? Would you be willing to buy a haunted house, if the price was right?

Angus and his fiancée, Lily, have spent months looking for the right property, when an emergency work callout takes them to a gorgeous home that meets all their requirements for a suspiciously low asking price. What’s the catch? In the 50 years since the house was built, there have been three suspicious deaths on the property, and many inhabitants have reported strange noises and other creepy phenomena. After learning more about the house’s history, Angus and Lily decide to make an offer, but the body they find on their final walk-through throws a wrench into their plans.

Is the house haunted or just unlucky? Who is the dead man? Is it time to look at other properties, or is this an opportunity to make a low-ball offer? 
Join Angus and Lily as they work together to answer these questions and plan a wedding.
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