Collection: "T is For Tattoo"

T is for Tattoo is an untraditional ABC book filled with traditional tattoo designs. This book combines early education with tattoo culture and provides those who already know their ABCs with a beautiful gallery of authentic art to admire and inspire. A unique and memorable gift and tool for those who dabble or are deep into tattoo culture. The book is packed full with authentic and engaging designs that represent each letter of the alphabet. Great for language development, creative inspiration or a fun, family tattoo night. No, we’re not handing out tattoo machines – but each book does come with a set of 26 temporary tattoos. All of which were designed by professional and industry leader Tattooer, Matt Manning. This book is the latest passion project and brainchild of Jesse Taylor, an Art Director and Designer who’s been in the industry for over a decade.

"T is For Tattoo"