Collection: Shannon Richardson Art

Paonia, CO
"I paint daily in my light filled studio loft above the Blue Sage Center for the Arts, in downtown Paonia, CO, where I share a 1903 historic working studio and gallery with two other women artists. I begin each day with a sense of excitement and wonder, never knowing what will be revealed in the many canvases I work on simultaneously."
In Shannon Richardson’s recent images she transcends the boundary between reality and memory with an element of the fantastic. Using dreams as a catalyst for the narrative, they are memories as she wishes to remember them and serve as a reminder of the surreal life that daily is her muse.
Shannon Richardson grew up in a small mountain town in northern Washington State.
She began drawing and painting at a very young age to help satisfy her infinite imagination and energy. Fairy tales influenced her greatly at a young age, and this influence can still be seen today in Richardson’s narrative driven personal fables.
Richardson graduated with a BFA from the Pacific NW College of Art, and studied abroad in Rome Italy for her Junior year. She has been a full time professional painter ever since.
Her works are exhibited in homes and galleries throughout the nation and abroad while she maintains a humble life at home in her garden as a hobby farm girl and painter.
Richardson lives the “simple life” of an urban farmer and artist in
the small mountain community of Paonia, Colorado with her husband, 5 chickens, a pug named Yoda and a cat named Nom Nom, her days are spent in the studio painting and gardening.
Shannon Richardson Art