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Collection: Kind Mind Company by Marie Button

I quit my job to start an online product shop focused on mental health awareness.

Mental health awareness is a passion of mine. As a MSW student, I am studying the importance of advocacy and mental health care. I hope to foster dialogue about mental health and encourage others to treat it the same way we treat physical health.

We should be able to talk about anxiety attacks like we talk about a cold, am I right?

I started this business with a mission. I want everyone to know their worth, know how much they are loved, and remind every person I encounter that they are important.

I work every day to overcome many mental health obstacles. As an individual with depression and anxiety, I know that the weight of the world can feel like a lot. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to carry it all alone. You are enough. My mugs, stickers, and apparel are designed with you in mind.

I create products that will serve as reminders for you. Self care isn’t just taking a bubble bath. Self-care begins with positive self-talk, and that is as simple as the mug you hold in your hand while you drink your morning cup of tea or coffee. I know what it’s like to feel isolated or lonely. Even though I cannot be there with you in person, I hope my designs can remind you that you are loved. We are building a community together.

My hope is to change lives with every product I sell.

At Button Designs, we are all about community, happy products, and openness. You belong here and you will be accepted as you are.


Kind Mind Company by Marie Button