Collection: Lux + Luca Jewelry Co.

Denver, CO
Hello and welcome to Lux + Luca Jewelry Co! A Lifestyle Jewelry Line for the Unapologetic Modern Human.  Lux + Luca was designed to inspire confidence and create empowerment in our clients. From sassy cuffs to elegant statement pieces, Lux + Luca has your back neck and wrist. Lux + Luca is part of the slow fashion movement, I source my materials with care and am proud to say Lux + Luca is an ecologically conscious company. I am a one-woman show (for now) and hand-cut every piece metal, hand wrap every stone, and individually hammer every letter, making your piece from the heart, hand made with love and precision. I do not simply "Assemble" my jewelry, like a lot of hand-made jewelry lines. Using 14k fill (NOT PLATED) and sterling silver, along with gorgeous semi-precious stones, I am able to create one of a kind, art-like pieces that can transition seamlessly from day to night. Lux + Luca is a little Joan Jett, a little Farrah Fawcett, and a lot of Badassery.