Collection: Huckleberry Beads

Welcome to my passion project! My name is Olivia Daniels and I am a born and raised Alaskan, living in Colorado Springs, CO with my Husband Logan, our dogs Riley and Sutton, and our cats Ivy and Wednesday.
 I have always been a huge fan of beaded jewelry, but I struggled with finding earrings that fit my day to day style. In 2019 I decided to try my hand at the craft and fell in love with the process of turning simple little beads into something more, thus Huckleberry Beads was born! I want these earrings to make your day brighter and help you to feel your most confidant, like the beautiful human you are.     
I been a lover and supporter of local businesses for as long as I can remember, and I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful community!
Thank you for supporting me and my passion project.
Olivia Daniels
Colorado Springs, CO
Huckleberry Beads