Collection: Madison Busi

I began making art the way many of us do, at my mothers knee. My mother, Wendy Dumas, is an accomplished artist and educator in Colorado Springs. I was lucky enough to have her influence growing up. I was surrounded by art. 
I took my first classes at Smoke Brush School of art when I was only 8, continued on into my teens Eventually I would become a nurse and then a mother, and it was through these experiences I really and going to University of Colorado CS as a high school student and graduate there of. While I did not focus my degree on art I never stopped finding the joy in producing art. 
Through life and experience I gained the understanding of the value of art. It is not simply a hobby, it is breath, and life, and pain. It is a life saving meditation and a connection to the world around us. I have gained pride in my body, my soul and my truest self. I want to share that with others
Made in Colorado Springs, CO
Madison Busi