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Winnie Lou - The Canine Co.

Winnie Lou- Bugsy's PB Cricket Bites

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When we rescued our newest pup, Bugsy, we were curious why they named him that. We soon learned that he is a professional bug catcher. If any little bug, fly, or critter catches his eye, he is laser focused and tries to catch it in his mouth. This little anecdote inspired one our new adaptogenic treats, Bugsy's Cricket PB Bites!

Made using protein-rich cricket flour, peanut butter, Blue Spirulina, and Ashwaganda. Crickets are a great source of lean protein & BONUS! It's also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Adaptogens help promote balance in the body. Ashwaganda contains high levels of iron, free amino acids, & can also promote better quality of bodily tissues. Blue Spirulina is an immune system booster. It also assists in skin and coat health & cleansing the system of toxins.

**The BEST part?! These treats are in 100% COMPOSTABLE packaging!

Made in United States