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Rock Blocks 8pc Matte Rainbow Blocks

Rock Blocks 8pc Matte Rainbow Blocks

Rock Blocks

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A customer favorite, this 8 piece set has a charming and soft rainbow palette. Vibrant orange and yellow are paired with muted purple and green. The set is complete with rose red, robin blue, almond cream, and cloud white.

-Charming rainbow color palette

-Montessori build + balance blocks

-Handcrafted in USA

-Sparks imagination and creativity

-Non-toxic, zero-VOC acrylic paints with an eggshell finish

-Perfect challenge for kids

-Each set is one-of-a-kind

Recommended Age: 2+

This set is the perfect Montessori toy for kids who will build and balance towers, arches, mountains, shapes, letters, and more, while being immersed by a tranquil and naturalistic color palette.

Our wooden balance blocks spark imagination and creativity with open play. This set is a great beginner size for kids who need a challenge to stack all 8 blocks. When the blocks are balanced, a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment will sprout inside, giving a boost of confidence.

Every balancing block is handcrafted out of a sustainable hardwood, Alder, in our wood shop, located in Utah.

“Matte Rainbow” Rock Blocks offer a sense of warmth and comfort given from the tree they were made out of, having grown over decades in the earth’s soil. Wood is a timeless material, and give kids much needed sensory and unplugged play.

Each block is absolutely unique, creating one-of-a-kind sets with every purchase. Sizing can vary between 1.5" and 3" in width and height.

Every wooden block is unique, which makes building a fun challenge for all ages. We use non-toxic acrylic paints to give exquisite color and eggshell finish to the building blocks.

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