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Oddly Enough Books

Oddly Enough Books- Other Words for Nonno by Dave Cameron

Oddly Enough Books- Other Words for Nonno by Dave Cameron

A girl and her grandfather bond over a shared love of words in this heartwarming story about changing relationships. On their weekly walks, Jill and her Nonno love to play with words. “Hummingbird,” says Jill. “Sugar-drinker,” says Nonno. “Seaplane,” says Jill. “I do see a plane!” replies Nonno.

But one day, Jill notices Nonno is acting differently. He isn't interested in their usual game and simply repeats what Jill says. When Jill asks her mother what's wrong, her mother says Nonno isn't running out of words, he just can't always find the words he's looking for. Is there anything Jill can do to help? Award-winning journalist Dave Cameron movingly captures the special bond between a grandchild and grandparent in this lovely picture book story.

Other Words for Nonno is about making time for those we love and finding our own way of helping them, even when it seems like there's nothing we can do. The book ends positively, with a message of hope. The clever word game Jill and Nonno play will inspire readers to try it themselves or to invent their own word games.

Yong Ling Kang's illustrations use mostly pastel-toned watercolors to convey the characters' emotions. An excellent choice for children with relatives experiencing memory loss, this book contains strong curriculum ties to social-emotional learning. Jill models the character education values of empathy and initiative when she creates a unique way to help Nonno find his words.

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