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Copernicus Toys

Copernicus Toys nano SWORLD: Deep Silver

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Space is vast, dark, and mysterious. We asked ourselves: how do you capture that feeling? We think we found an answer. We shrunk a bit of the etherealness of space and placed it into a bouncy ball that fits in the palm of your hand!

Wondrous shades of silver and black swirl and flow on rheoscopic currents. All this excitement is compressed into a 65-millimeter sphere. Bounce and shake nanoSWORLD.

It's strong and resilient, like you! Watching the interstellar ebbs and flows heightens mindfulness. Let the particles settle, take a deep breath, and then shake it up again! nanoSWORLDs are 6.5 cm in diameter.

What is rheoscopic fluid? Rheoscopic means "current showing". This special liquid allows you to see the dynamic currents inside of this nanoSWORLD, showing convection and laminar flow.