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Katherine Homes

Katherine Homes- Wood Sticker- Rooster

Katherine Homes- Wood Sticker- Rooster

Stick this baby on just about anywhere! Every year billions of toxic vinyl stickers are produced, ultimately littering the land and waterways.

100% biodegradable wood stickers made right here in Colorado. 

Material - bendable, waterproof, and can be stuck to anything

Wood - sustainability sourced from responsibly managed forest and timber operations Ink - the process uses no water which is more environmentally friendly and is biodegradable

Adhesive - This material is stickier any other sticker material we’ve encountered and it’s plant-base. We think that’s awesome. Power to the plants.

Backing - wax impregnated paper

Packaging - the plastic section of the packaging for the stickers is made with renewable materials that will break down in home and industrial composting, and is capable of marine biodegradation. The paper can be recycled

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