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Microcosm Publishing

Microcosm Publishing How to Love Me: Better Relationships & Self-Knowledge Zine

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Zine & Workbook.

Published by Microcosm! Most people know the feeling of longing for love or approval from another. We think, "If only this person praised or showed interest in me, then I could feel valuable."

This workbook contains 7 exercises that teach you the only way to find everlasting and unconditional love: choosing it for yourself. Who Am I, What Do I Want, and Follow Your Bliss guide you in your mission of self-discovery and self-acceptance while Sense of Enough, Practice the Feeling, and Seal of Approval connect you with your pleasure centers and remind you that love is abundant and available to you always. 

Releasing Attachment will solidify your self-love and bring you radiance beyond yourself. From the good people at School of Life Design.