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Corrin Sheaffer Art- 9"x12" Pacific Northwest Tree Frog and Coyote Skull Print

Corrin Sheaffer Art- 9"x12" Pacific Northwest Tree Frog and Coyote Skull Print

Consignment- Corrin Sheaffer Art

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Print is 9"x12", was made using graphite, colored pencil, ink, gouache and watercolor paint.


This painting is of a Pacific Northwest Tree frog sitting on a coyote skull, surrounded by admiral bolete mushrooms, ferns and a backdrop of a small waterfall.

Here’s a few facts about the PNW tree frog. This species of frog is the most common frog in Washington state. Male frogs can get up to 2 inches in length, but females are known to grow larger. The tops of their bodies are typically green or brown, but can also be shades of gray, red, copper, or a combination. Their tadpoles are the only kind in Washington that have eye sockets protruding from each side which can be easily seen from above, making them easily identifiable. These tree frogs prefer breeding in still or slow moving water, but as full grown adults can be found in moist forests, alpine areas and scrubland/grassland habitats.

Corrin, the voice and vision behind Brevity Art. I am a mixed media illustrator and fine artist currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my husband and little black cat. I have a personal studio space in our home where I often paint, dance around with our cat, and run this little creative endeavor.

Human connection, beauty found in nature and all small critters excite me. I translate this excitement through my pencils and paintbrush, allowing peace, belonging, and hope to flow through my work.

Colorado Springs, CO

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