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Consignment- Corrin Sheaffer Art

Corrin Sheaffer Art- 4"x4" Yellow Fly Aminata Print

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This is print is roughly 3.5x3 inches in size. It was originally made using graphite, colored pencil, ink gouache and watercolor paint. This print can be used as a wall hanging or whatever suits you!

This print depicts yellow fly aminata (also known aminata muscaria) mushrooms and a bella moth. These kinds of mushrooms are toxic , but if prepared a certain way, can be used as a hallucinogenic. They can be found in Northern hemisphere (and now unintentionally introduced in parts of the Southern hemisphere as well). These mushrooms like growing near conifer and deciduous woodlands and popularly group together, growing in fairy ring shapes. They can be identified by their red, orange or yellow (sometime peached) colored caps with spots on the top, free gills (not attached to the stalk), and their white stalks.

Corrin, the voice and vision behind Brevity Art. I am a mixed media illustrator and fine artist currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my husband and little black cat. I have a personal studio space in our home where I often paint, dance around with our cat, and run this little creative endeavor.

Human connection, beauty found in nature and all small critters excite me. I translate this excitement through my pencils and paintbrush, allowing peace, belonging, and hope to flow through my work.

Colorado Springs, CO