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Corrin Sheaffer Art- 4"x4" Sulfur Tuft Mushrooms with Lady Bird

Corrin Sheaffer Art- 4"x4" Sulfur Tuft Mushrooms with Lady Bird

Consignment- Corrin Sheaffer Art

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Frame Not Included- 4x4 print only.

This print was originally made using graphite, colored pencil, ink gouache and watercolor paint. This print can be used as a wall hanging or whatever suits you!

This painting features sulfur mushrooms and a lady bird. The sulfur mushrooms- also known as hypholoma fasciculare which means-mushrooms with threads. They are gregarious and usually appear in large groups so tightly packed that the caps are unable to fully form regularly. These mushrooms grow commonly in Ireland, England and the United States. Sulfur mushrooms are poisonous and have a very bitter taste.

Corrin, the voice and vision behind Brevity Art. I am a mixed media illustrator and fine artist currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my husband and little black cat. I have a personal studio space in our home where I often paint, dance around with our cat, and run this little creative endeavor.

Human connection, beauty found in nature and all small critters excite me. I translate this excitement through my pencils and paintbrush, allowing peace, belonging, and hope to flow through my work.

Colorado Springs, CO

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