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Consignment- Corrin Sheaffer Art

Corrin Sheaffer Art- Framed 3"x3.25" Fall Webworm Moth

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This print was originally made using graphite, colored pencil, ink gouache and watercolor paint. This print can be used as a wall hanging or whatever suits you!

The Fall Webworm Moth has a large habitation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but spread from southern Canada down to northern Mexico . Their peak season is June through July and their wingspan reach 1 and 1/2 inches. When laying the eggs, the Webworm larvae create silk tents in trees.

Corrin, the voice and vision behind Brevity Art. I am a mixed media illustrator and fine artist currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my husband and little black cat. I have a personal studio space in our home where I often paint, dance around with our cat, and run this little creative endeavor.

Human connection, beauty found in nature and all small critters excite me. I translate this excitement through my pencils and paintbrush, allowing peace, belonging, and hope to flow through my work.

Colorado Springs, CO