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Medenka Junior Crayons

Medenka Junior Crayons

Little Poland Gallery

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Organic, sustainable and made of all natural ingredients. Let’s make a 🐝 happy! Shorter and thicker than regular crayons, Medenka JUNIOR crayons are ergonomically designed for small hands of 1 to 3 years olds.

For safety reasons, we also made them practically unbreakable. Only a small amount of pressure is enough for Medenka crayons to leave a beautiful color mark on the surface, which makes them so easy and fun to use.

Only the best natural ingredients are good enough to deserve a place in our unique 100% natural crayons. Pure virgin beeswax, produced in a traditional way free of pesticides and antibiotics, and organic food grade pigments make Medenka crayons safe in contact with skin or mouth. They are also safe if consumed. Perfect for your little toddlers.

Unlike other crayons, Medenka crayons aren’t wrapped in paper. We want children to be in physical contact with natural material they use to express themselves.
Made in Poland

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