Collection: Public School Paper Co

Denver, CO
Public School Paper Co. is based in Denver, CO. Our mission is to help people connect, and to be able to find the humor in the everyday. Kindness, equality and the power of the written word are our core values, and the things that motivate much of our work. We love lists, bright colors and snail mail.
Christina Williams is our founder and designer . She’s been selling paper crafts since she was a kid growing up and working at her parents’ school + office supply store. Rochelle is our wholesale manager, as well as Christina’s sister. We’ve been working together since 2015. We named the company as a nod to our family history in public education. Our grandpa was a principal, and later district superintendent. Our grandma was a school librarian; and our mom, a high school teacher.
We currently donate to local schools, as well as national charities; and are working on ways we can support teachers and students on a larger scale. All of our products are designed and printed in the USA.